Ketamine and sex?

topic posted Wed, June 14, 2006 - 12:18 PM by  Hi
I had my first K-hole experience a few days ago. I've studied massage therapy and have recently started taking more classes. At one point in the evening, I started massaging some one (a girl, also K-holing), and it seemed like I could sense how what I was doing to her felt through the group-mind sense. I started thinking that K could be a great tool for allowing massage therapists to improve their sense of touch. Normally, you cannot massage yourself to improve your touch because having sensations both on the giving and receiving surfaces screws up your ability to evaluate how the massage feels on the receiving surface. And having to "give" the massage causes tension that will affect whatever part you are trying to massage. But in the K-hole, I felt like I had this other body I could massage and get a glimmer of real-time telepathic feedback (so to speak) on how it felt and adjust my strokes accordingly. After a while of that, my hands got minds of their own and started doing a very light and whispery dance on her that was sort of like playing her body like a musical instrument. Not sexually, but not entirely innocently. more playfully. Nothing more happened beween us, but this experience of male-female touch on K (which I quite enjoyed in a way that was not entirely unsexual) made me wonder about sex and ketamine.

I mean, if the feedback thing was working like when I was giving a massage, I'd expect to be way more in tune to wwhat the other person was feeling and vice versa in a way that we could build on each other and take it to an amazing place. And K bring about such absurd and odd yet strangely beautiful inclinations (such as the way I "played" with that girl's body) makes me think that some excitingly original sensations, positions, situations could be created.

On the other hand, their seemed to be a "so what" sense about getting off. Like, even if I knew I could have mindblowing sex, I might just think, "so what" like it's just another expderience that will pass, not intrinsically better than any other experience I might have (like chatting with people or watching cool light effects). And I'd imagine sex could sometimes feel like an alien and mechanical process at times, in ways that might ultimately be disturbing.

Hell, I don't know. Does anyone have experiences with this they'd be willing to share?

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    Wed, June 14, 2006 - 3:53 PM
    im going to be the negative person to reply to you, sorry :)

    K is a very strange, wonderfull and disgusting drug, in the first month or so of starting to take K and experimenting with it i think your going to find that everytime you do it your going to realise that each time will be diffrent, diffrent emotions, diffrent senses, diffrent halucinations, adutory and visual, many, many diffrent spiritual and inner body experiances and all due to how much your going to be taking ie. experimenting with.

    the point im trying to make, if there is a point- is that next time your on k and in the same situation as you just explained im at least 98% sure that your emotions and feelings including touch will be somwhat diffrent to what you experianced with this girl.

    K isnt like smoking pot or doing cocaine where you know that each time you take the said drug the effect is going to be the same as the last time you took it the only difference being is it will be stronger or weaker depending on how much you take.
    with K as i said above each time is diffrent becuase its a pschoactive drug (a dissociative no less) the effects you get when taking it will be diffrent depending on where your state of mind is emotionally and phisicly.

    with regards to sex, ive always found it to be hit or miss (pardon the pun), sometimes it can be cool, getting the mental link with the person your with and building an amazing moment -but more often than not ( for me anyway, others will be diffrent) it normally turned out to get very robotic and weird and somtimes as you said 'rather disturbing'. the emotional state one is in while having sex is a major factor on where the K is going to take your mind, if one is nervous and apprehensive then that will effect your k trip quite a lot.

    have sex on acid its much more fun!!

    well, there you go i said i was gonna be negative.

    every one is different (obviusly) so anything can happen. what you have written (for me at least) is a perfect example of a first time optomistic k user coming up with many diffrent plans on what can be done with this drug and what activity one can do on the drug, we all had those thoughts in the beggining and they wonderfull but just keep in mind that it is a pschoactive substance so the next time you do it, it will most probably be a lot diffrent than the last time.

    and then after 4 years of using it you will finally admit that it really is a disgusting repulsive substance.

    Damn i miss K. havent had any for 5 months, can anyone tell!?
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    Wed, June 14, 2006 - 4:48 PM
    I remember trying some sex experimentation on K several times, never with any great success. Sex takes too long and requires too much concentration for that dimension. It usually started out seeming really cool, but then my mind would go off racing after the next other dimensional pinball whizzing by. I think the same thing was happening with my partner. We tried experiments where one was high and the other was not. Again, it was fun for a while, but even someone trying to please me wasn't enough to keep my attention. I generally forgot she was there after a while and couldn't feel my body anyway--come on, it's an anesthetic! It pretty much deadens physical feeling (at least in the doses I was taking).

    Like Paul, I don't do the stuff anymore. I hate to say it, but I have to agree that it's pretty gross stuff after the thrill is gone. Maybe a couple times a year I get that feeling of missing it. It may even occur to me that it would be cool to take some again. But I know that I'm just entertaining an illusion of what it would be like to go back to those first few times and really I've proven over and over again it won't ever be like that again.
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      Wed, June 14, 2006 - 5:17 PM
      "generally forgot she was there after a while and couldn't feel my body anyway--come on, it's an anesthetic! It pretty much deadens physical feeling (at least in the doses I was taking)".

      perfectly said !
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        Tue, June 27, 2006 - 7:41 AM
        ^exactly! It's a dissociative, and feelings of intimacy seem to be absent, which is one of the knocks on ketamine. It's great for shared exploration, like having a co-pilot with you, both going in at the same time and meeting in the k-space. Great head exploration material, that transcends the limits of the body. But, it can get really addictive, and you can really isolate yourself from others as it's more of an "inner" trip. But, like others have said, after the fact, it seems one of the most repulsive and insiduous materials out there, but whil you are in it, it's wonderful and great. Having had the opportunity to sample German, Mexican(dodge), and Parke-Davis material, I'd have to say that the German material is the best. NOt encouraging anyone else to try it, but ya know...;)

        As for sex, LSD is great, DMT is better. Both are intense, so not for the light-hearted, non-psychedelic e-head, or casual-tripp0r. 2CB can be wonderful, hence it's nickname of "Eros", E(MDMA) is wonderful for massage, because of it's great emptahic qualities, but, again, most of these substances are illegal in many areas, so, please don't take this as an invitation or encouragement to use drugs that are illegal. There are some places in the world where this is not so. Know the law, and have fun!

        A time and a place for EVERYthing.

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    Re: Ketamine and sex?

    Sat, May 5, 2007 - 8:00 AM
    As others have said, k is very unpredictable. Sex can be *amazing* and it can be very weird too. My rule is to have fun but be careful.

    What if you're having sex with someone and her head falls off, you dive into her body and think you're swimming through her veins? :)

    My mood can change fast on k, especialy my sex drive. How's she gonna respond if you are really into her one minute and then blank her the next? Some girls would take that really hard. And by the same token how are you going to respond if she's really into you and then loses interest before the vital point? Is it ok if she suddenly wants to be left alone when you're worked up?

    I've had amazing sex on k but you gotta be careful.

    I've had so many weird trips on k, I'd have to know a girl was very strong (mentally) for me to know it was ok to experiment with her. My mood changes fast when I'm on k so one minute I might be mega horny and into her and then 10 seconds later I might want to be left alone

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